Created Sep 15, 2008

G. Bud

The reason to persist more

Grammar and punctuation do not matter to me. It's what's inside that counts.
Tough times and personal triumph require action. Fear mongering is not action, it is manipulation. Worrying is not action and solves nothing. Concern is different than worry. Concern is a reason for action.Don't worry about something, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I'm an middle age man who refuses to grow up.
I have a tendency to joke about everything I'm sure it's some sort of disorder, but its how I cope with this wild world
The older I get ,the more brain farts I have. I'm glad I found a place to right my thoughts before they turn to @!$%#.

This country is clogged with too many middle men sitting back and figureing out how they can profit on someone eles hard work.